Here at Asu Nail & Beauty Supplies we strive to provide you with the best quality brands available to the nail and beauty industry.

Astonishing Nails

We are the sole distributors for Astonishing Nails in Ireland. 25 years of research and development formed the basis for the innovative ASTONISHING NAILS professional gel & acrylic systems. A continued quality control throughout the entire production process guarantees a consistency in colour, viscosity, clarity, strength and high gloss finish.

Astonishing Nails products offer an outstanding adhesion to the natural nail and are non-yellowing. We are convinced that Astonishing Nails o?er the best performance and the most consistent composition in the professional nail market worldwide.

Astonishing Nails products boast an easy application for natural nails, sculptured nails, tips, pedicures and maintenance with our detailed step-by-step instructions.

New innovative products will be continuously be added to the line.

Astonishing Spa

Astonishing Spa is going to change the lives of your clients forever. It will spoil regular manicure and pedicure services for them for life. They will never want anything else once they have experienced this extraordinary service.

Astonishing Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure offer an aromatherapeutic experience with a combination of the highest quality ingredients to moisturize, exfoliate and meet the unique needs of hands and feet. Astonishing Spa Manicure embalms the hands and arms in the natural goodness of Vitamin A and E, Aloe Vera, Cocoa and Kaolin Clay.

Nfu.Oh Nail

We are the home of Nfu.Oh Nail Creations in Ireland. When Nfu.Oh the brand was born, the face of Nail Design and Artistry was changed forever....

Passionate about nail art and colour, but frustrated with what was already on offer Miss Enfu Oh travelled the world in search of the inspiration that would fuel her passion for nails. Upon returning to her home city of Seoul in the beautiful land of South Korea, she set out to build on the skills she had learned on her travels. Miss Oh approached some of the leading brands of the time and said "I need more colours for my designs!". Needless to say they could not, or would not, provide them.

So, Miss Oh set out to design her own range of nail art materials, colours and products and Nfu.Oh the brand was born! Now world renowned Nfu.Oh the brand moves from strength to strength, built on the strong foundations of education and the love of design. Now the world travels to Seoul, South Korea and Miss Oh looking for inspiration through design......but you can be inspired right here at Asu Nail & Beauty Supplies / Training Academy. We are the sole Irish distributors for Nfu.Oh Nails Creations in Ireland.


perfect web

Soak Off Formula Color Gel Polish .
Perfect Match gel polish applies like nail polish but wears like gel. This revolutionary, quick-and-easy gel polish cuts the service time in half and will give a deep sleek finish without chips, smudges, or drying time. The color is long-lasting and chip-resistant. Nails will look flawless for weeks and stay as perfect as day one. Gel polish cures in 1 minute under a 36w UV lamp.

FREE Dare to Wear Nail Lacquer creates a perfect match color to the Perfect Match gel polish. This matching nail lacquer can be offered to your clients to perfectly match the colors of both hands & toes.

3 Golden Rules in application of UV Perfect Match Polish

  1. Application must be kept 1mm away from cuticles and sidewalls before entering the UV lamp as flooding will cause lifting.
  2. Gel when exposed to a UV lamp shrinks when it goes through curing process, with regular gels we must always cap free edges to prevent shrinking from free edge. As this product is Hybrid - meaning mixture of gel and nail polish, the shrinkage can also occurwhen the product is curing. Free edge must be capped on layers especially top and base coat. If cap is not done then peeling of the product will occur.
  3. Application must be applied in extremely thin applications. Wipe off excess product from your brush prior to application. Too thick will cause the polish to separate from the natural nail causing it to peel or chip and not lasting 2-3 weeks.

Nail Perfect

Nail Perfect



Salon Systems

salon systems

dare to wear
Includes 34 Luxurious Colors

The Kaeso ethos is to embody naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas to deliver effective and luxurious professional products.

Kaeso’s unique formulations are made with the finest, natural ingredients to assure the highest quality skincare. Natural ingredients are a fundamental part of the formulas and have been from the start. The formulation team at Kaeso source proven and effective botanical extracts and are committed to choosing ingredients that are renowned for their true benefits to the skin. Each product has been carefully designed to meet with Kaeso’s Innocence Criteria. To meet this criteria all products must be free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil and then they are proudly stamped with the Kaeso Leaf of Approval.

Kaeso originated through a desire to create an effective beauty experience, with solutions for all skincare needs. The Kaeso collection meets all beauty treatment requirements, covering Beauty, Body, Manicure, Pedicure and Aromatherapy. Backed by extensive research and innovation the development and expansion of Kaeso is carried out by industry experts that are highly trained within the beauty sector.

Kaeso offers an array of specialised treatments to address the individual preferences and skin’s changing needs. Within the extensive Kaeso collection, there is a fusion of natural products that maintain and restore your body, mind and well being and allow you to create a simple and personalised regime to achieve great results.

sun lab
If your clients want to achieve a healthy glowing tan, Sun Laboratories self tanning will deliver gorgeously moisturized skin with a tan that will last for up to a week. Developing time of Sun Laboratories takes as little as 3 hours i.e. if your client showers after 3 hours their tan will last 4 days. If they wait and shower after 8 hours their tan will last up to a week.

Sun Laboratories also has a full range of retail products, please see our Sun Laboratories section for more information and products.

Hollywood Lashes were one of the first companies to launch the innovative eyelash extension system into the UK & Ireand in 2005. Since then over 4000 UK & Irish salons have introduced Hollywood Lashes Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions into their outlets, reaping the benefits of this very In Vogue, Lucrative simple and cost effective application.

Using only the finest quality products our reputation in this industry has grown considerably because of our pride in our eyelash extension products and our unbeatable customer services.

Over the last 6 years the industry has grown immensely and new eyelash extension curls, thicknesses and lengths have been introduced to the industry all of which Hollywood Lashes supply.

Hive of Beauty

hive of beauty

Bransus lashes

Bransus lashes

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