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Acrylic Powder Cover Blend

Acrylic Powder Cover Blend

Product Code: NAS017
Product Tags: Nails, Acrylic, Acrylic Powder

Brand: Astonishing Nails
Colour: Soft Cover Blend
Size: 25g
  • €9.50 (ex VAT)
These Astonishing polymers (powders) are special formulated powders for controlled sculpting.
When used in combination with Astonishing monomer, Astonishing monomer starts to catalyze
cross linking and polymerization. Provides outstanding color stability, a perfect balance of rigidity and toughness holding the enhancement
in proper form. The surface may be brought to a
high shine without dulling or scratching.
The Astonishing Monomer/Polymer combination
allows the nail professional to sculpt with ease
using one or multiple beads depending on the
length of the enhancement. For natural nail overlays, overlay with tip application, and sculpting
over an Astonishing sculpting form. Six core powders: Global White, Cover, Soft Cover blend, New
Mix, Transparent Pink, and Clear.
Prepare the natural nail plate by removing the
cuticle, removing any surface contaminants, and
dehydrating the natural nail with Astonishing Blue
Scrub and a nail wipe (apply primer if deemed necessary). Sculpt the nail with Astonishing#s monomer (liquid) in combination with Astonishing polymers. Mix ratio should between 1.5 # 2 part liquid
to 1 part powder. Finish to a high shine using Astonishing#s optimal selection of the highest quality of files.


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