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Air Puff

Air Puff

Product Code: JM019
Product Tags: Lashes, Lash Accessories, Air Puff

Brand: Jacky M
  • €6.95 (ex VAT)
JACKY M. Air Puff is an easy tool to help dry the eyelash extension adhesive. This handwoven crochet Air Puff is ideal to use during or after lash application. Prevent knots by stopping the Adhesive from flowing onto the other lashes by using the Air Puff. The smooth soft rubber puff inside makes the Air Puff easy to squeeze.

Features & benefits
- Comfortable to use
- Fits hand comfortably
- Easy to squeeze
- Helps eyelash extension adhesive to dry fast
- Nice design
- Soft in your hands
- Air dosage is easy

How to use
Hold the JACKY M. Air Puff near the lashes and squeeze softly. This prevents the adhesive from being sticky when placing the following lash extensions.

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