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Fiber Gel Soft Pink 14g

Product Code: IAM065
Product Tags: Nails, Gel, Fiber Gel

Brand: I.Am Nail Systems
Colour: Soft Pink
Size: 14g
  • €15.95 (ex VAT)
I.Am Fiber Gels are the perfect addition to any nail professionals product arsenal. I.Am Fiber Gels offer an optimal adhesion, even on problematic nails. I.Am Fiber Gel is suitable for the creation of thin, extremely strong nails and self level beautifully thereby reducing filing time and length of service.

Available in: 5 different colors in 14gr & 45gr

Features & benefits

Extremely strong
Ideal to create thin nails
Ideal for problematic nails
Optimal adhesion
Soft curing
Medium viscosity
No yellowing
Easy to file
UV / LED curable: UV: 90 sec - LED: 60 sec

1.Prepare the natural nail plate. Removing the cuticle and removing any contaminants with I.Am Blue Scrub and a nail wipe.

2.Apply a thin layer of I.Am Air Dry Bonder.

3.Use an I.Am Gel Sculpting Brush to apply a thin layer of I.Am Fiber Gel of choice and cure for 90 sec UV or 60 sec LED.

4.Build the nail using the I.Am Fiber Gel of choice and cure for 90 sec UV or 60 sec LED.

5.Remove tacky layer with I.Am UV Cleanser.

6.File the nail and finish with I.Am Top Gel of your choice.

7.Curing time: UV: 90 sec - LED: 60 sec.