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French Duo Gel Polish Set

Product Code: NGS001
Product Tags: Nails, Gel Polish, Colour

Brand: Astonishing Nails
Size: 15ml
  • €23.90 (ex VAT)
Create easily a beautiful French Manicure with Gelosophy French Duo Kit.

The French Pink, which is a flexible base, has got a great adhesion and smooths out any unevenness of the natural nail plate. With the French White you can create a sharp French Manicure. They come together as a duo kit, but can also be purchased separately.

Features & Benefits

Nice give away LED/UV Soakable Easy and thin application Highest quality brush that remains flexible without splitting for smooth application Grip brush handle for secure brush control Easy to create a sharp French Manicure on a natural nail, a acrylic nail and gel nail. The Pink smooths out any unevenness on the nail beds No base needed, great adhesion Also separate available

Usage Gelosophy application

Lightly roll the French Pink bottle between hands. Open the French Pink and wipe one side of the brush on the neck of the bottle. Apply a thin layer of the French Pink, make sure the lower part of the nail is more covered with product than the tip of the nail (the natural nail plate should be prepped prior to application) and cure for 60 seconds in the Astonishing UV/LED gel lamp. Lightly roll the French White between your hands en wipe one side of the brush on the neck of the bottle. Carefully create a thin white smile on the tip of the nail. You can also use the Astonishing Micro styler of choice to create even a deeper smile line. Cure for 60 seconds. Apply a Astonishing top of choice