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Gelee Mood Crystal Lagoon

Product Code: GCPM09
Product Tags: Nails, Powder Gel, Mood Powder

Shade: Green
Colour: Crystal Lagoon
Size: 42g
  • €24.50 €5.95 (ex VAT)
Versatile 3in1 color powder to create strong, durable, flawless nails. Use with powder gel, dipping or acrylic systems.

Change your nail color with your mood, literally! Temperature-activated, whether you feel #HOT# or #COLD# your nail language says it all. Available in 12 shades.

Appearance may vary depending on system.

Note: Colors were created to come as close to true color as possible. Because of monitor variations we cannot guarantee exact color. Please remember that all color charts are to be used as a rough idea on how the colors should look.