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Perfect Match Rosa Romantica

Product Code: PM55
Product Tags: Nails, Gel Polish, Colour

Brand: Perfect Match
Shade: Pink
Colour: Rosa Romantica
Finish: Glitter
Size: 15ml
  • €14.95 (ex VAT)
Soak Off Formula Color Gel Polish .
Perfect Match gel polish applies like nail polish but wears like gel. This revolutionary, quick-and-easy gel polish cuts the service time in half and will give a deep sleek finish without chips, smudges, or drying time. The color is long-lasting and chip-resistant. Nails will look flawless for weeks and stay as perfect as day one. Gel polish cures in 1 minute under a 36w UV lamp.

FREE Dare to Wear Nail Lacquer creates a perfect match color to the Perfect Match gel polish. This matching nail lacquer can be offered to your clients to perfectly match the colors of both hands & toes.

3 Golden Rules in application of UV Perfect Match Polish

1. Application must be kept 1mm away from cuticles and sidewalls before entering the UV lamp as flooding will cause lifting.

2. Gel when exposed to a UV lamp shrinks when it goes through curing process, with regular gels we must always cap free edges to prevent shrinking from free edge. As this product is Hybrid - meaning mixture of gel and nail polish, the shrinkage can also occurwhen the product is curing. Free edge must be capped on layers especially top and base coat. If cap is not done then peeling of the product will occur.

3. Application must be applied in extremely thin applications. Wipe off excess product from your brush prior to application. Too thick will cause the polish to separate from the natural nail causing it to peel or chip and not lasting 2-3 weeks.

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