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Precision Eyebrow Pencil 89

Product Code: EG278
Product Tags: Makeup, Eye Makeup, Eyebrow Pencil

Colour: 89
  • €13.50 (ex VAT)
The EVAGARDEN make up Precision Eyebrow Pencil has a high precision micro tip to define, thicken and outline eyebrows stroke by stroke.
The ultra-fine tip allows you to draw each eyebrow hair with great care, for an extremely natural and well-groomed effect. Its smooth and highly pigmented formula, containing high melting waxes, guarantees easy application and long-lasting results. Twist up eyebrow pencil, with no need for a sharpener, with a wand to brush the eyebrows.
In two shades
Light (Blonde): suitable for blonde to light brown hair.
Dark (Brown): suitable for light brown to dark brown hair.
The eyebrows are naturally defined and perfectly even.

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