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Volume Tweezer Angled

Volume Tweezer Angled

Product Code: JM015
Product Tags: Lashes, Lash Tools, Tweezers

Brand: Jacky M
  • €10.95 (ex VAT)
The stainless steel JACKY M. Volume Tweezer Angled is ideal to place Russian Volume eyelash extensions. The end of the tweezer is bent at a 45 degrees angle which makes it easy to pick up a Russian Volume eyelash extension, and to make a fan of the eyelash extensions. The tweezer also
has a grab area. This area is where the maximum pressure and #meet# point of the tweezer is located.

Features & benefits
- Stainless steel
- Easy to control
- Designed with a 45 degree bent angle to make a Russian Volume fan
- Sharp point
- Ideal shape for precision work
- Ideal length
- Can be used for left- and right-handed
- Tweezer closes completely
- Lightweight
- Easy to disinfect
- Nice packaging including a protective cover

How to use
Hold the Tweezer Pointed in the hand which you will not use to place the eyelash extensions. Squeeze the tweezer together a little bit to make sure that you grip the lash which you need between the two sharp pointed ends. Let the tweezer open slightly so that the surrounding lashes are separated from the lash that you are working on. Use your other hand to place the Russian Volume lash onto the desired natural lash. Always disinfect the tweezer after the treatment. Can use the Tweezer Curved to pick a lash from the strip. Dip the lash in a drop of Adhesive and place it onto the exposed natural lash. Always disinfect the tweezer after a treatment.

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